Published on April 24, 2020, 12:28 a.m.

The Daily tests conducted by IRIS is inspired by the strategy our founders used to crack NEET-PG |AIIMS|JIPMER and though the tests seem to be random it is not!

Some students have been asking to publish a predefined topic based schedule for the daily tests, though it seems appealing to many our experts have a different opinion. The purpose of daily tests is not for complete MCQ work out but is to make our sub-conscious mind oriented to the most frequently repeated areas and prime our brain to organised learning. This is achieved by covering 30Questions  in 15 minutes from random topics of a subject, this primes our brain on these topics and later the learning of these areas become more organised and easily retrievable. This is one of the key success mantra's of our founder Dr. Nidish Chandra (1st Rank JIPMER)

So to enable our daily test takers get an idea on what subject to expect each day we have devised a structured weekly test plan  

The schedule is based on the NEET-PG pattern and the Sections to be expected from the NBE board. The attached figure of NEET-PG question Split-Up will enable you to get the gravity of the need to structure your learning. 

NEET_PG exam syllabus

The methods of learning and organizing your subjects has been discussed by one of Our Founder Dr. Benson Benjamin in detail and can be seen in the video below

If you need any help or guidance regarding your NEET-PG prep feel free to contact our mentors, you may Whatsapp your queries to Dr. Benson via 8606931977
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