Published on May 21, 2020, 8:30 a.m.

The recent NEET-PG exams have shown a shift in the pattern of questions. Its clearly seen that the questions are clinically oriented with problem solving approach. The number of image based and integrated questions are also on the rise, so in this background we want our students too to be prepared for the change. Our 35K+ GUIDED MCQ course has 5000+ clinically integrated  questions and 8000+ applied questions, distributed evenly and organized within the chapter wise modules. So some of you may miss out these clinical pearls! 

So as all of you know IRIS will not risk our students miss these questions and also we are not keen on charging you a premium cost for letting you guys access a part of our treasured clinical sets, In this context we are giving a structured 10 questions daily clinical review series which will go online daily at 11 :00 AM for the next 2 months, those who like our series and want's a complete access to these can subscribe the GUIDED MCQ COURSE. 

Another reminder is that the free access to GUIDED MCQ course will expire on 25/5/2020 so for continued access kindly subscribe to the course. Still being true to our core values the following will be free for ever in our platform

1. Daily Tests

2. Institute review

3. Clinical review

If you have suggestions feel free to comment here we will look into it. Any students requiring guidance may whats app Dr Benson Benjamin (8606931977)


IRIS Pg-Med Team

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