Perfect Strategy: Cracking NEET-PG
Published on April 3, 2020, 5:05 p.m.

As a student i always had the difficulty to identify the areas of importance in the subjects that I learn and organize them, without which all that i learned vaporized over days. The problem here is that we do not know which areas are important and needs to be given special focus, my teacher always used to say that our eyes see only what our mind knows. In this context if we do the daily exams spending 15 minutes a day you answer 30 questions (irrespective of the case whether you have learned the topic or not) but the impact of this 30 questions is much more far reaching as you can see here

  • The 30 questions a day will end up as 3000 questions if done consistently for 3 months 
  • The question you do, each one will represent a topic and 
  • Even if you do not know them but the magic happens when you read this area again the question you answered wrong will be striking you again, this registers the content long-term in your mind. 
  • The repeated answering of short questions and review like this results in quick revision of major topics enabling you to organize your content structure. 

This organised approach enables you to have a structured revision content at the end of 6 - 8 months of continuous daily test and answering. If I had done something right during my PG-Prep phase and it was my habit of working out immense number of MCQ's . If possible workout a basic set of MCQ after each chapter you learn, the biggest mistake you can do during your PG-Prep is when you decide to workout MCQ's after reading a whole subject. Always do the Questions as soon as you finish a topic ( example finish Anatomy upper limb arteries as soon as you have watched the arteries video or have read the notes) 

The major reason for the success of any average student like me is not the bag of intelligence bestowed upon us, but the sweat, time and effort we put into the content. Hard work always pay off buddy and my story is one of the biggest examples i can give you. The only request i am making to each one of you reading this article is to stay focused and make working out MCQ's a habit, it should be an addiction driving you ahead and only then can you realize your dream goal. 

The plan well made will be executable and such well made plans seldom fails! So listen to the LEARNING WITH EDGE plan by us 

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Dr. Benson Benjamin  Founder: IRIS PG-MED